Learn. Eat. Laugh.

The first Indonesian cooking class on the Gilis

Whether you love Indonesian food, cooking is your passion or you're just curious, Gili Cooking Classes offers a fantastic, fun-filled introduction to the Indonesian cooking culture.

Gili Cooking Classes has three different courses available, from the budget-friendly Intro class to the in-depth Super Six experience.  All sessions are conducted in English by professional Indonesian Chefs. 


Our experienced chefs will guide you through a fun-filled, completely hands-on course, with emphasis on experiencing the art of Indonesian cooking in a relaxed and social environment.


The courses are focused on traditional Indonesian cuisine using fresh & seasonal local produce. During the class, you will learn traditional cooking techniques, and the staff will tell you what ingredients you can use as substitutes abroad, to ensure you can prepare the dishes authentically and innovatively back home.

Located in the harbor of Gili Air, Gili Cooking Classes will immerse you into the authentic atmosphere of local island life and Indonesian culture. You will prepare every dish by yourself before enjoying a communal outdoor dinner.


After taking a Gili Cooking Class, you will be able to test your new-found skills at home with family and friends, using our helpful online recipe guide of traditional Indonesian dishes.

Gili Cooking Classes